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-Any business, organization, family, or group of friends in Ravenna or surrounding areas

sponsors / or participates on a team of 4 people

-Each team will be given a T-shirt with a team color.

-Each team competes to try to collect 100 pts.

-Prizes will be awarded per finish

Team Activities
Tug a war
Barrell Races 

Individual Activities
Horseshoes- 2 people each person throws 4 horseshoes

Hay toss- 2 people 1 toss per person 

Kan jam -2 people or Beer Puppeteer

Cornhole -2 people 4 bags each 

3 legged race- 2 people 

Tie Breaker game!

*If a tie breaker is needed we have the perfect challenge for you!*


Tie Breaker game if needed 



Winner gets Traveling Trophy

Other prizes to be decided later date


$100 per team

Non refundable if event is canceled for any reason 


Beer will be sold on premises at beer garden

No carry ins
Event is intended for 16 year olds and older 

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